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East Texas Historical Association Awards

The East Texas Historical Association annually recognizes excellence in teaching, publishing, and research, as well as service to the East Texas historical community, through the following awards:

The Ralph W. Steen Award is conferred at the Fall meeting for outstanding service to historical efforts in East Texas.

The Lucille Terry Historic Preservation Award is also presented at the Spring meeting, and recognizes outstanding efforts to preserve historical landmarks in East Texas.

The C.K. Chamberlain Award is conferred at the Association's Fall meeting to honor the best article appearing in the preceding volume of the East Texas Historical Journal.

The Ottis Lock Endowment Awards are awarded annually in the Fall for excellence in teaching and publishing. In addition, Ottis Lock Research Grants provide support for continued scholarship in East Texas history.

The Fellows of the East Texas Historical Association are those members who publish East Texas history of outstanding quality and interest. Limited to twenty individuals at any given time, this is the highest honor that the members of the ETHA bestow upon their peers.

The L. Patrick Hughes Legacy award which includes an honorarium to fund further work, is designed to honor those organizations that have, over time, demonstrated a continuing interest in the preservation and promotion of regional heritage through a variety of programs.

The Archie P. McDonald Scholarship is awarded annually at the ETHA Fall meeting to Students who are history majors, with preference to those specializing in Texas history, especially East Texas history.

The Joe Atkins Public School Educator of the Year Award will be awarded to a deserving nominee who has demonstrated excellence in instruction and mentorship at Public Schools in East Texas.  

The Temple-Vick Award The East Texas Historical Association invites you to submit Texas women’s history books you have published throughout the year should be considered for this award.

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