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Best Book on East Texas History

Nominations may be made by an author or publisher, and should include the title of the book, the author (with biographical data), and a statement about the book, accompanied by five copies of the book

All nominations must be submitted BEFORE May 1 of each year. Click here for the nomination form (Word Document.) Completed nominations should be shipped via FedEX or UPS to:

Ottis Lock Endowment Committee
East Texas Historical Association
2009 Raguet, Ferguson Bldg. Room 293
Nacogdoches, TX 75962-6223

Past Recipients

Year Recipient Title of Book/Publisher
1985 Joe C. Truett & 
Daniel W. Lay
Land of Bears & Honey: A Natural History of East Texas
University of Texas Press
1986 Thad Sitton &
James Conrad
Every Sun That Rises: Wyatt Moore of Caddo Lake
University of Texas Press
1987 Elizabeth Silverthorne Plantation Life in Texas
Texas A & M University Press
1988 Kenneth B. Ragsdale The Year America Discovered Texas: Centennial'36
Texas A & M University Press
1989 Bob Bowman

Donald R. Walker
35 Best Ghost Towns of East Texas
Best of East Texas Publishers

Penology For Profit: A History of the Texas Prison System
Texas A & M University Press
1990 Robert W. McDaniel &
Henry C. Dethloff
Pattillo Higgins & the Search for Texas Oil
Texas A & M University Press
  Randolph B. Campbell An Empire for Slavery: The Peculiar Institution in Texas 1821-1865
Louisiana State University Press
1991 Harold M. Hyman Oleander Odyssey: The Kempners of Galveston, Tx, 1854-1980s
Texas A & M University Press
1992 Marguerite Johnston Houston: The Unknown City, 1836-1946
Texas A & M University Press
1993 Madge Thornall Roberts Star of Destiny: The Private Life of Sam & Margaret Houston
University of North Texas Press
  Paul Lack
The Texas Revolutionary Experience: A Political & Social History 1835-1836
Texas A & M University Press
1994 Douglas Hale The Third Texas Calvary in the Civil War
University of Oklahoma Press
1995 W. T. Block East Texas Mill Towns & Ghost Towns
Best of East Texas Publishers
  Patricia S. Prather & 
Jane C. Monday
From Slavery to Statesman: The Legacy of Joshua Houston, Servant to Sam Houston 
University of North Texas Press
1996 F. Todd Smith 
The Caddo Indians Tribes at the Convergence of Empires 1542-1854
Texas A & M University Press
  Thad Sitton
BACKWOODSMEN: Stockmen and Hunters along a Big Thicket River Valley 
University of Oklahoma Press
1997 Carol Morris Little A Comprehensive Guide to Outdoor Sculpture in Texas 
University of Texas Press
  Ellen Beasley The Alleys and Backbuildings of Galveston
Texas A & M University Press
1998 Jerry Bryan Lincecum
Edward Hake Phillips &
Peggy A. Redshaw
Science on the Texas Frontier: Observations of Dr. Gideon Lincecum
Texas A & M University Press
  Elizabeth Hayes Turner Women, Culture & Community
Oxford University Press
  Jonathan Hook (Hon Men) The Alabama-Coushatta Indians
Texas A & M University Press
1999 M. Jane Johansson Peculiar Honor: A History of the 28th Texas Cavalary, 1862-1865
University of Arkansas Press
2000 George Dawson, Sr. &
Richard Glaubma
Life Is So Good
Random House
2001 Betje Black Klier Pavie in the Borderlands: The Journey of Théodore Pavie To Louisiana and Texas, 1829-1830 Including Portions of His Souvenirs Atlantiques 
Louisiana State University Press
  Gregg Cantrell Stephen F. Austin: Empresario Of Texas 
Yale University Press
2002 Robert Mayberry, Jr. Texas Flags
Texas A & M University Press
2003 Bob Bowman, Doris Bowman, and Edward Barrett The Mystery of Lady Bountiful
Best of East Texas Publishers
  Jo Ann Stiles, Judith Linsley, and Ellen Rienstra Giant Under the Hill: A History of the Spindletop Oil Discovery in Beaumont, Texas, in 1901
Texas State Historical Association
  Caleb Pirtle II and Terry Stembridge Echoes From Forgotten Streets: Memories of Kilgore, Texas: The Oil Capital of America 
Dockery House Publishing
2004 Helen G. Green East Texas Daughter
Texas Christian University Press
2005 Ricky F. Dobbs

Yellow Dogs and Republicans: Allan Shivers and Texas
Two-Party Politics 

Texas A&M University Press
2006 Charles H. Russell Undaunted: A Norwegian Woman in Frontier Texas
Texas A&M University Press
2007 Thad Sitton / James H. Conrad

Independent Black Texans In The Time of Jim Crow
University of Texas Press, Austin , TX

2007 Jack K. Selden

Return: The Parker Story
Clacton Press

2008 James Smallwood

The Feud That Wasn't 
Texas A&M University Press, College Station , TX


Kyle G. Wilkison

Yeomen, Sharecroppers, and Socialists: Plain Folk Protest in Texas, 1870 - 1914" from Texas A&M University Press

2010 Heather Green Wooten

The Polio Years in Texas: Battling a Terrifying Unknownfrom Texas A&M University Press

  Gene Preuss To Get a Better School System: One Hundred Years of Education Reform in Texas from Texas A&M University Press
2011 A. Ray Stephens Texas”: A Historical Atlas”
2012 Steven Fenberg Unprecedented Power: Jesse Jones, Capitalism, and the Common Good
2013 Dan Utley and Milton Jordan  

 Kate Sayen Kirkland 
 Just Between Us; published by Stephen F. Austin University Press.

Captain James A. Baker of Houston, 1857 – 1941;published by Texas A&M University Press

2014 Bernadette Pruitt

The Other Great Migration: The Movement of Rural African Americans to Houston, 1900-1941 published by Texas A&M Press

  Lawrence T. Jones Lens on the Texas Frontier published by Texas A&M Press

Jere Jackson

Designing Modern, Nacogdoches, SFA Press


Richard Orton

Andrew Torget

Thad Sitton &  Carolyn Brown

Debbie Liles and Angi Boswell

Best Historical Mixed Media/Photography/Artistic Value:The Upshaws of County Line,
UNT Press
Seeds of Empire: Cotton, Slavery, and the Transformation of the Texas Borderlands,1800-1850  (University of North Carolina Press) Caddo: Visions of a Southern Cypress Lake, (Texas A&M Press)

Women in Civil War Texas

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