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Manuscript Preparation Guidelines


The East Texas Historical Journal publishes articles on the history of Texas, usually with an emphasis on East Texas, in Fall and Spring issues. Articles may be defined as narratives or edited letters, diaries, etc. Illustrations are used in some cases. Normally, the editor prefers articles that do not exceed twenty-five manuscript pages in length, including endnotes. Text and endnotes should be typed double-spaced. Initial submission should be an electronic copy compatible with Microsoft Word and a hard copy printed on letter-quality printer. Each submission is acknowledged upon receipt, evaluated for content, and either accepted subject to author approval of editorial changes or copyedited and returned with suggestions for revision. When revisions are complete, please return the original copy, a revised hard copy, and a revised electronic copy via email or on disk in a format compatible with Microsoft Word. This, too, will be acknowledged, along with a decision on publishing. Articles are published in the order of acceptance, except when length or special issues dictate otherwise. Writers of articles receive a complimentary issue of the Journalcontaining their work.


The East Texas Historical Journal attempts to review as many books on Texas history as possible. Those interested in reviewing books for the Journal should provide the editor with their name, address, telephone-FAX number and email address, and fields of interest. When a book is received for review, a letter will be sent to learn a prospective reviewer's willingness to review it. A postcard for reply is provided. If the reviewer accepts, then the book, a detailed checklist, and a publishing agreement will be forwarded to the reviewer. Reviews are due within three months of acceptance of assignment. Submissions should contain a hard copy for editing and an electronic copy, either via email or on disk, in a format compatible with Microsoft Word. An acknowledgment of our receipt of the review will be sent. Reviewers will receive a tear-sheet of the issue of the Journal containing their review.


East Texas Historical Association
P.O. Box 6223 SFA Station
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East Texas Historical Association
P.O. Box 6223
SFA Station
Nacogdoches, TX 75962

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